Silicone Bath Body Brush

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Scrub your body to perfection

Not every time do we leave the shower clean, without a good scrub it’s easy to miss the grime around the body. Silife solves this problem and brings you much more than a great boy wash.

The dense bristles not only scrub away the harmful substances from the unreachable places but open up the pores and remove dead skin to leave your body glowing!
Unlike other options Silife cares for your skin, each bristle is gentle to the touch so no irritation occurs when scrubbing your most sensitive areas. You’ll feel as good as new after a scrub with Silife! 

Why Silife is for you

Leave the showering glowing- The dense bristles exfoliate wonderfully while the tiny heads open up the pores for ultimate cleansing.

Reach where you can’t- Stretchy and easy to grip, Silife will wash all the hard to get areas leaving them sparkly clean!
Gentle cleansing- Silife’s soft heads scrub easily while keeping your delicate skin soft and calm so no irritations occur.