Day Dream Inspired By Westin® Hotels

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Introducing 'Day Dream' Fragrance Oil, a serene and enchanting aroma inspired by the soothing ambiance of Westin® hotels. This fragrance has been thoughtfully crafted to transform any space—be it your home or office—into a sanctuary reminiscent of the most luxurious spa retreat. 'Day Dream' invites you to surrender to a world where tranquility meets elegance, and each breath ushers you into a state of blissful nirvana.

The journey into relaxation begins with the delicate notes of white tea, a subtle yet profound scent known for its calming properties and ability to awaken the senses gently. This initial whisper of freshness is perfectly complemented by the soothing embrace of aloe, a scent that conjures images of serene, green oases and the rejuvenating essence of nature.

As the fragrance unfolds, it reveals a touch of earthy cedarwood, grounding the scent with its warm, comforting depth. This combination of scents creates a harmonious blend that is both warm and relaxing, yet irresistibly enchanting—making 'Day Dream' the ideal companion for your most intimate and peaceful moments.

'Day Dream' is more than just a fragrance; it's an experience. Inspired by the inviting and restorative atmosphere of Westin® hotels, this scent is a daily invitation to indulge in personal wellness and tranquility. It's perfect for those seeking to create a haven of relaxation in their living or working environment, offering a momentary escape to a world where your well-being is the utmost priority.